• Our Location

    Located in the heart of Decatur, Georgia, the Indo-Pak hub. We strive for the best quality and service for our customers.

  • $4.99 Special

    Chicken Tikka Leg, Chicken Korma, Kadahi Chicken, Chicken Biryani, Butter Chicken, Beef Nihari, Chana Masala, Daal (Wednesdays & Thursdays)

  • catering available

    We offer catering services for all your events, marriage, anniversary, graduation party, etc.

About Us!

Located in the heart of Decatur,Georgia, Luqma Indo-Pak Restaurant serves authentic Indian and Pakistani Cuisine. Our chef life long passion for cooking and with more than 25 years experience in Chicago area made him the best chef in its category. At Luqma Indo-Pak Restaurant, we strive for the best quality and service for our customer.Luqma invites you to discover a rich culinary heritage that has developed throughout the centuries in India and Pakistan. Chefs at Luqma are recreating the myriad cuisines of this vast, sprawling nation with its huge hodgepodge of culinary styles, each with its own distinctive spices, herbs, ingredients, and techniques, many of which are evident in our efforts.” 

Catering Available?

Look over our menu and choose your favorites. If you don’t see it, just ask. We can customize your menu to your taste. Our kitchen is always up to the challenge.
Luqma Restaurant is proud to offer its catering services for outside parties. Whether it is a marriage, anniversary or graduation party, our trained staff will erase all the organization problems from your mind so that you can concentrate on hosting your guests. We will take upmost care that the food is hot and delicious!